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Anaconda Media aim to cover any and all aspects of the digital world, to not only relieve the client of time consuming digital duties, but most of all to implement a professional and successful approach to all aspects of digital marketing.

Whether in need of digital management, a one-off campaign or simply setup assistance, see below for an overview of the areas Anaconda Media cover, bearing in mind every campaign is bespoke and 'White Label', so to the fans and customers... It's all you!

1 Social Media

The cause of the digital explosion, and the reason why you may have ended up here!
Anaconda Media can manage all aspects of your social media accounts, ensuring relevant and engaging content is pushed out, receiving maximum exposure, with your business' authenticity and style in mind. Our campaigns and collaborations are bespoke; So whether you're happily pushing out content but feel you're shouting into an abyss, or just need everything managed, we're on it!

2 PR

While it's not how Anaconda Media were founded, extensive involvement in the entertainment industry has led to a vast array of industry and media contacts, spanning all genres of the music and entertainment industry, covering online media outlets, magazines, radio, TV and more.

3 Webste

The digital hub of all that you are. Whether you're a band, restaurant, club-night, fashion brand or promoter, a great website is vital, and is the first port of call for many customers. Anaconda Media can create, re-design, commission or simply assist with a wide array of website setups and ideas, resulting in an eye-catching, current and informative final product, ensuring said final product is owned by you, and able to be managed / updated by you if you so wish. Anaconda Media also focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), the more technical but much needed aspect to a website, ensuring maximum exposure and discovery for your band / business.

4 Advertisn

A whole world of social media platforms, a whole world of websites, and a whole world of advertising possibilities. Anaconda Media can create and action bespoke advertising campaigns via a huge array of platforms (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) with your goals, budgets and content in mind, targeting potential fans and ideal demographic.

5 Music Vid

Looking to release music / video yourself? Anaconda Media can assist from start to finish, from turning ideas and dreams into a music video, to distributing your music via all streaming and download outlets (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc).

6 Industry

While Anaconda Media don't act directly as general managers, we have extensive industry contact lists, plus consider our clients goals to work on their behalf, obtaining industry connections and contacts to further their success, whether it be record labels, booking agents, publishers, external designers, staff, and really any connections the client wishes to build on.


While social media platforms and trends change from year to year, an email is always the quickest and most direct way of getting in touch with your fan / customer, and is a vital aspect of successful digital marketing. Anaconda Media focus heavily on legitimate data capture to ensure your database is growing, bringing greater impact as and when any future announcements are made.

7 Mailing
8 CR

The more engaging content you put out, the more engagements and responses you get in return, especially if you're a growing business. Whether it be social media comments, messages, emails, Trip Advisor / Facebook ratings, website comments and so on, Anaconda Media can manage your Customer / Fan Relationship Management, responding in keeping with your band / brand's style, and knowledge, ensuring authenticity comes first. Otherwise known as CRM.

9 Desgn

Bringing ideas and creations to life, Anaconda Media work on a range of design aspects including social media branding, website design, flyer design, merchandise design and more, and have an extensive contact list of designers, collaborators, producers, videographers and illustrators throughout the world if the goal in mind does not suit Anaconda Media's design approach.

10 Monet

An opportunity which slips by most brands in the digital world, the ability to 'Monetise' your successful digital platforms, giving you the ability to make money through associated advertising, features, and collaborations.

11 Merch

Managing your merchandise inventory and online store could be easier than you think! If you have it set up correctly... We cover and assist with the design and manufacture of merchnadise, plus the setup, maintenance and management of all types of online merchandise stores, from self-service to managed, with a range of merchandise options and outlets to choose from depending on the clients wishes.

12 Events

Whether a band, venue, promoter, agent, or one-off host, we have ongoing relationships with all major (and minor!) worldwide ticketing agents, event listings sites and event discovery apps, to ensure your event / tour is set up and promoted correctly, with maximum exposure.

13 Other

Have something you need managing which isn't covered in the above? We're on it! Just shoot us an email with your ideas and goals.

Looking for assistance with your digital marketing?

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